You know there are plenty of shops selling BDSM goods on the internet. Most of it do it for profit, of course. BUT WE ARE DIFFERENT... we live with BDSM, we love BDSM and we want to bring the BDSM pleasures directly to your door, as customised as possible to fully satisfy your deepest thoughts.

Most of the goods you see on comes from our own production. And how did it all started?

As it is, the whole project was created by the private interest, when we started to use the tools from classic sexshops. Some time has passed to discover we have some minor skills in leatherworking, and so the first gag was created... it did not take much time and out of the first gag, our own hoods, harnesses etc. were made, just to fit our needs.

When our friends, and freinds of them started to borrow (and later to buy) the tools for their own needs, we began to suspect that our tools were not the worst. We started to make our pictures with our own models and tried to offer the goods to limited public.

The real break occured, when an american salesman saw some of these promotional pictures in 2010. He has asked us to send him a box of our products, along with pictures, so he can sell it on the internet. This has convinced us our work was being appreciated and we decided to offer our goods to all of you guys directly.

After a few months, the e-commerce business started in our living room. It did not take long and we understood that we found something that we enjoyed and, moreover, it would also make us money on the folders.

Because our goods was very desired and our productiong was getting larger, we had to look for the warehouse to store it. All the money earned was invested back, so it was not an extremely lucrative project. But we enjoyed it and we were looking forward to the moment we could leave our jobs and plunge 100% into our BDSM stores. And the time has come already.

These days:

  • we produce all kind of BDSM goods you can think of
  • we produce BDSM furniture for home use and professional studios
  • we ship goods across whole Europe
  • all the goods we make is hand-made with unlimited customization options
  • our products are used to shoot a TV series or as props in the theaters
  • all of our products are photographed by us, with our models
  • we regularly hold photo meetings with friends